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Luxury 100% Silk Pocket Square - Orange

Luxury 100% Silk Pocket Square - Orange

SKU: B2005

Bright orange 'Hand Rolled' 100% Silk pocket square is perfect for every day wear or special occasions.  100% Silk handkerchiefs are perfect for using as a headband, tied on a fashionable bag or even worn in the top jacket suit pocket and offer matching silk bow ties for that exclusive special occasion.


Silk is a precious natural substance that has many wonderful benefits, so when made into a handkerchief makes it the ultimate luxurious choice to accompany any outfit. Silk is gentle on the skin. Has a high absorbency and rapid moisture release, meaning the silk handkerchief may be used to wipe perspiration all day while remaining aromatic, is very smooth causing less friction that could lead to or exacerbate acne making it ideal for all skin types. Silk handkerchiefs provide luxury and elegance and can make the perfect gift.


Material: 100% Silk

Measurements: - 40 cm x 40 cm


Please note size and colour may vary slightly to that shown.

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