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Men's Handkerchief - Assorted (3 pack)

Men's Handkerchief - Assorted (3 pack)

£6.50 Regular Price
£6.00Sale Price

This collection of men's handkerchiefs is a great way to bulk buy. Simple design of plain white handkerchief with a colour solid border edge. These are all made from 100% cotton. Pack consists of 3 handkerchiefs each a different design. Please note colour and style may vary slightly to that shown.


Switching to cotton handkerchiefs is not just to make a statement, they're incredibly practical, convenient, and eco-friendly too!


Machine washable.


Did you know: items made from 100% cotton are biodegradable, and if disposed off they usually take less than 6 months to re-enter the earth making these handkerchiefs much more environmentally friendly than disposable, throw-away tissues.

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