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The Handkerchief Drawer

Comforts Place Farm

Tandridge Lane, Lingfield 

Surrey. RH7 6LW


Opening Hours:


Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 14:00

Closed Weekends and bank holidays.

In the heart of Surrey

Why buy from us....

How it all began....

We have over 50 years experience, our founder first started as a Hanky agent in the 1960s working from his garage with its leaky roof and his friend John moving the buckets around to catch the drips.
Our range is exclusive to us, we source and produce everything ourselves ensuring we can keep our prices incredibly competitive but without comprising the quality.

We care....

By using our range of natural products you are helping the planet by not contributing to microplastics that can be found in clothes and subsequently our oceans. We think this is a big deal.
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